Ultimate Angular

Ultimate Angular is an online learning resource for the JavaScript and Angular community. They provide courses and job-ready training in Angular JS, Angular, and TypeScript.

The Brief.

Ultimate Angular is the brainchild of Todd Motto, a Google Developer Expert and Angular teacher. In an already crowded space, Todd approached me to build a brand and platform for him that would stand out from the crowd, and act as a home for all his Angular based courses.

Todd had already released a couple of courses, however they were hidden on his personal website and didn’t have a true home. The plan was to create a standalone platform for these courses, and allow Todd and other contributors to deliver new and exciting learning resources for the Angular ecosystem.

Initial Logo Concepts

Fast sketch exploration to find an appropriate direction for the Ultimate Angular logo.

Building a Brand.

As the platform occupied the Angular niche, the initial brief was that the logo should either be a play on the Angular logo, or have strong ties that would make it easily recognisable as being an Angular related project.

As can be seen from the original concepts, the Angular shield has been ever present through the design process. This seemed the best way to anchor the design, as the shape is present in the logo for both the original Angular framework, and Angular 2+.

One initial idea was to incorporate a play button into the logo. After several iterations (shown above), it was decided that it made the logo too busy, and at smaller screen sizes made it difficult to interpret.

The next direction led to playing with the letterforms of UA, the initials of the project. Using Museo Sans as a base font, the U and A were overlapped and joined together into one cohesive form.

The Final Logo.

I’m pleased with the final result of the Ultimate Angular Logo. It is clearly identifiable as an Angular product, even from just the logomark, yet is still unique enough to stand by itself.

The Platform.

With the branding in place, the focus was then directed to the website. Instead of building a payment and video delivery platform from scratch, we turned to Teachable, a fantastic service designed to deliver online courses to large audiences.

Due to the limitations of Teachable’s site theming capabilities, the decision was made to build a standalone site that would link off to the teachable platform whenever a user wished to purchase a particular course. By moving off the teachable platform for the marketing site, it allowed us to have full control over the content and layout, and easily run things like promotions for various courses.

Interface Light
Interface Dark
Angular 1.x
Angular 2+

The Course List.

The Course List served as the main hub of Ultimate Angular. All released courses and those available for preorder were listed here, giving the user a great overview of all the different training options Ultimate Angular provided.

The focus for this page was to highlight the bundle deals Ultimate Angular has. Bundles serve as a great way to up-sell to the user, and it provides financial help for having more “niche” courses. By including niche courses in with bundles at a fair price, we found more customers were purchasing the bigger bundles to ensure they received all the courses, just in case they ever needed the niche ones.

This allowed Ultimate Angular to release smaller and less mainstream courses, as the bundles had made them financially viable to produce. By creating these niche courses, there was an added benefit that the platform as a whole would appeal to a wider audience, helping with the sale of the core courses too.

Shortly after launch, Ultimate Angular won “Angular Product of 2016”, which was a fantastic achievement, and something that made me proud to have been part of the process.