Case Study

Ultimate Angular

Ultimate Angular is an online learning resource for the JavaScript and Angular community. Since September 2016, I have worked with Todd Motto to build a brand and a home for his courses.

Client Work

A selection of projects I've built for clients


Mobile UI

Jekyll is a sentient search engine, and depending on how you talk to it, will change it's emotion and behaviour. From the mind of my good friend Phil Bennett, I was tasked with creating a UI for the application.

What Culture

UX & UI Review

I helped What Culture evaluate their navigation from a User Experience perspective, and then suggested and developed a new interface to help users navigate their website.

Side Projects

Scratching that itch


In Development

Tonality is the musician's toolbox. It includes a giant theory reference for guitar players, and a MIDI application that helps you manage your guitar pedal patches.

Vector Pedals


I regularly practice my hyper-realistic vectoring by drawing various guitar pedals. Everything above was created in Sketch.